Andres Delgado

Andres Delgado is FLARE’s founder and CEO. He previously founded Forza Designs, which made manufactured accessories for home entertainment systems. Delgado sold Forza in early 2019 after building a strategic partnership with Microsoft. He also has nearly a decade in real estate sales. He holds a BA from Towson University and a MA from American University.


FLARE Technology and Services was founded in 2019. It’s mission is to build accessible and sustainable transportation systems. The company has provided electric vehicle shuttle service in south Arlington since September, and is currently building partnerships to connect area residents with local amenities and transit options. Workforce development and technology development are also among the company’s guiding principles.

FLARE is Safe.

We use designated pick-up and drop-off points and screen our drivers for the safety of our passengers and other motorists.

FLARE is Reliable

Our vehicles are the most proven and reliable on the road. That’s why we chose them.

FLARE is Sustainable

We use electric vehicles, and reliable local transportation service means less cars on the road.

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