ARLINGTON, VA (June 24, 2020) – FLARE, an electric micro-mobility carrier, has partnered with The George Washington University’s (GWU) Sustainable Urban Planning Program to create an assessment system for evaluating the equity and accessibility of transportation systems in cities and neighborhoods. This system will analyze factors such as income, race, gender, disability status, and medical conditions to provide solutions for mitigating their impact on transportation access.

“The design of transportation systems plays a massive role in shaping socioeconomic outcomes in areas such economic and educational opportunities, access to medical facilities, public health, disposable income, and the amount of time families can spend growing together and supporting each other,” said FLARE co-founder and COO Chris Yeazel, who is an alumnus of the program.
Dr. Sandra Whitehead, Program Director for GWU’s Sustainable Urban Planning program, echoed Yeazel’s optimism for the assessment system’s potential for positive impact. “The transportation equity metrics project is a great partnership between our program and FLARE. Now, more than ever, it is important to measure transportation equity and create policies and programs to address issues that are identified. We’re thrilled to work with FLARE on this important opportunity to make a difference,” she said.
Robin Kogelnik, a graduate student in the program, will lead data collection and market research and support FLARE’s outreach to communities, neighborhoods and business improvement districts throughout the DMV. To date, her studies have focused on the intersection of sustainable urban design with economic development, place management, and public health. “This is a great opportunity – FLARE’s service has the potential to fill long-standing gaps in affordable, accessible and reliable transportation in under-served neighborhoods. The data and metrics developed in this study will clarify areas of need, quantify the impacts and simplify transportation investment decisions. I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” Kogelnik said. 
FLARE and GWU intend for the project to assist planners, developers, universities, and local officials in benchmarking local transportation systems by presenting options for improving and enhancing community members’ access to effective transportation.
About: FLARE Technology and Services is a minority and veteran owned electric micro-mobility carrier founded in 2019 in Arlington, Va. Its mission is to build safe, sustainable, and equitable transportation systems. The company provides electric jitney service in south Arlington, is developing tools and technologies to make transportation safer and more accessible, and is building partnerships to connect area residents with local amenities and transit options. Further, the company will be a platform for testing and implementing technologies for new types of vehicles specifically designed for urban areas. Workforce and technology development are also among the company’s guiding principles. For more information, visit; Twitter: @FlareRides; Instagram: flare_rides    
To schedule an interview with FLARE, please contact Kelly Oliver at 703-307-9404 or
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