ARLINGTON, VA (January 21, 2020) – FLARE, an electric shuttle amenity service, has announced that Luis R. Castellanos has joined the company as its Director of Systems Engineering. Mr. Castellanos will manage the creation of routes for FLARE’s electric shuttle fleet and is in charge of developing FLARE’s app. Mr. Castellanos is a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science who holds BS and MS in both Systems Engineering and Military Science and is also a retired Venezuelan Army Lieutenant Colonel.

“We are excited to welcome Luis Castellanos to FLARE and to utilize his extensive experience with managing complex transportation operations. FLARE is working rapidly to build routes so that residents of the DC metro area can access sustainable and affordable transportation,” said Andres Delgado, CEO of FLARE.

“My 27 years of military experience and my systems engineering work have both allowed me to prepare for this crucial role for FLARE. I am excited to help connect neighborhoods together using FLARE’s electric shuttles and forthcoming app,” said Mr. Castellanos.

Mr. Castellanos graduated at the top of the class from Venezuela’s Military Academy, and later obtained a degree as Systems Engineer in the Venezuelan Armed Forces University (IUPFAN). He has a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering (Simon Bolivar University) and a Master’s Degree in Military Science and Arts (Venezuelan Army Staff College). He worked for several years teaching and in Educational Management, and in eLearning environments managing virtual campuses and serving as virtual instructor. He also has extensive experience in private sector management and leadership positions.

About: FLARE Technology and Services was founded in 2019 in Arlington, Va. Its mission is to build accessible and sustainable transportation systems. The company provides electric vehicle shuttle service in south Arlington, and is building partnerships to connect area residents with local amenities and transit options. Further, the company will be a platform for testing and implementing new technologies for new types of vehicles specifically designed for urban areas. Workforce and technology development are also among the company’s guiding principles.

For more information, visit; Twitter: @FlareRides; Instagram: flare_rides

To schedule an interview with FLARE, please contact Kelly Oliver at 703-307-9404 or

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