FLARE in front of Gadsby’s Tavern on Royal Street. (Photo: Mary Wadland)

Alexandria, VA – If you saw a futuristic little electric microbus with three doors on each side circling Old Town recently, you spotted FLARE! The company has not added any Old Town routes yet, but came over to give Zebra a test ride.

Sleek, quiet, comfortable and environmentally friendly, subscription service transportation. Sounds like a dream, right? The team at FLARE Technology and Services is working to make this a reality for Washington D.C., and neighboring communities.

“The genesis of [FLARE] was an idea of moving people from A to B, B to A, very short routes,” says founder Andres Delgado.

Delgado saw a need to help bring communities together through transportation that’s inclusive to all, regardless of age or mobility.

“What’s unique about our service is that we’re equitable, meaning that anyone can use our service. With mopeds and scooters, its young people,” stated Delgado. “What happens if you’re elderly or you have a handicap? That’s where we come in.”

FLARE has been testing routes in Arlington and had an official ribbon cutting ceremony in mid-November 2019. They’ve been figuring out creative and unique ways that they can help the community and bring people and businesses together.

In Rosslyn, FLARE has tested offering their services to employees of companies that work near the metro and shuttling them up the hill at lunch time so that they can enjoy a meal at businesses they otherwise wouldn’t have time to walk to.

“That’s an example of where we can add a lot of value to the community. By helping stimulate the micro-economy.”

Not only does FLARE strive to help the local community, but they also want to alleviate one of the major headaches of living in the DMV area: traffic! With FLARE, a subscriber with their service can hop on and shuttle along their set loops and hop off at one of the designated pick-up/ drop-off spots. No need to put another car on the road and deal with road rage and traffic, nor worry about parking and using up gas.

“It’s an experience,” said Delgado about riding FLARE. “People aren’t very keen on jumping on buses. We got our vehicles and it brings a smile to people.”

“I think transportation around here is one of those issues that people normally think about. It’s smart to think about how you get around in this town,” said Flare’s public relations representative Kelly Oliver.

Contact FLARE if you want to petition to get your neighborhood or workplace onto the loop!

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