FLARE is proudly supporting members of the Arlington community during the COVID-19 outbreak, to include bulk transportation for AFAC food drives in Aurora Highlands, Crystal City and Ballston, and part of the “Buy a Nurse a Lunch” organized by CPRO. The safety of everyone is the community is our first priority. We wear masks, gloves, thoroughly sanitize our vehicles, and maintain appropriate social distancing at all times.  

Now, FLARE is organizing the Meals for Community Heroes program, connecting local sponsors and restaurants with organizations that are supporting the COVID-19 response in Arlington County. We want to honor the first responders, employees, staff, and volunteers who are working hard on the front lines of our community response during this challenging time.

We welcome Arlington County restaurants and essential personnel (to include first responders, staff and volunteers at community organizations, and retail teams at locations such as pharmacies) to enroll in our Meals for Community Heroes program. We’ll work to match local restaurants that provide delicious meals, teams of essential personnel to receive it, and donors who want to support local restaurants and get hot meals people on the front lines. 

FLARE is not involved in the transaction between sponsors and restaurants, but we gratefully accept tips at the link below if sponsors are generous enough to provide them.

Enroll in the Meals for Community Heroes program:

Donations to FLARE to support the Meals for Community Heroes program are greatly appreciated. 

We are a recently launched small business and they go a long way!

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